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About Us

At the core of everything I do in my photographs is about personal connections and memories. My photography is inspired by these emotions. You bring me into your lives and share such special and incredible moments and experiences with me and I'm forever grateful. When someone finds me, and finds themselves moved by what I do, it means the world to me. And when someone chooses me to be their family’s photographer, it’s an opportunity and an honor I take closely to heart. To be part of your family history is very important to me. When we spend time looking at old photographs we are experiencing the past of our family and friends. It is always a privilege for me to be in someones home and see one of my photographs on display.

I only accept a limited number of sessions each month to remain low volume and client focused; taking the time and care necessary with each and every family to ensure both the quality of our work, as well as the experience and service we provide, are everything they can be.

My photography is about celebrating the life & love of your family and together we can tell your story…creating beautiful images for you and your loved ones to enjoy forever. To become part of your family history.

2015 @Paul Ludwig